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Patient Safety Training Workshop

A unique learning experience for your organization, tailored to your needs.

Patient Safety Training Workshop

Designed to develop your internal champions, the Patient Safety Training experience is a workshop geared towards healthcare leaders, educators, and others who have a passion for safety.

The workshop is a one-of-a-kind, hands-on event that educates attendees on patient safety foundations and theories. The program is tailored to the needs of the hosting organization. The program builds the framework and understanding of patient safety.

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Available as a standalone event, or held in conjunction with another event, such as a pre- or post-conference workshop. The event is 6-8 hours in length and led by two (2) Center for Patient Safety experts, certified in patient safety.


There is no limit to the number of attendees who can participate in the Forums or Boot Camps; however, the hands-on offerings by Center staff are limited when the participant quantity exceeds 100. The most appropriate size, based on previously held workshops, is 35-50 attendees. The smaller size allows for ample one-on-one opportunities with CPS experts and strong peer-to-peer networking.


The workshop is eligible for Continuing Education Credits. It is the responsibility of the hosting organization to coordinate CEUs from the appropriate accrediting bodies. 


  1. Understand patient safety culture
  2. Understand the difference between a punitive environment and a just culture
  3. Ability to use quality improvement tools such as Root Cause Analysis and Prioritization Matrix
  4. List three next steps to improve patient safety culture in your organization.


While each training event is unique, common workshop elements exist that are intended to assist in the development, or reassessment of, an organization’s patient safety plan. The workshop agenda is built for customization. Hosting organizations have input into the program. There are agenda openings for special guest speakers and improvement stories or presentations on relevant topics relevant to the attendees.

  • The Importance of Patient Safety Culture
  • Leadership’s Role in Patient Safety
  • Mistakes and Near Miss Events
  • Improving Patient Safety
  • Measurement in Patient Safety
  • Where are Your Patient Safety Risks?
  • Putting it All Together – Safety Journey Next Steps
  • Sharing Learnings


Once you decide to host a Patient Safety Training Event, it’s time to select a date. Allow adequate time to coordinate the event.



The venue selection and coordination are the responsibility of the hosting organization. It may be any location available to you or your organization that can support the anticipated number of attendees. If cost is a factor, consider resources available in your community or organization that offer free space for local education. 


Technology requirements are the responsibility of the hosting organization.


Snacks and lunches are the responsibility of the hosting organization.


The Center will help the hosting organization to market the workshop and/or provide marketing materials, but it is the sole responsibility of the hosting organization to reach their target audience to maximize attendance.


CPS will prepare pricing based on a multitude of factors. 

Options to offset costs include:
• charge a registration fee
• charge for exhibitors
• look for free venue
• seek sponsorships
• apply for grant funding

What Attendees Say

“…challenges all to improve patient safety…” – Workshop Attendee

“…an eye-opening class…”– Workshop Attendee

“…thought- and discussion-provoking…”– Workshop Attendee

“…raised good thoughts and refreshed ideas…”– Workshop Attendee

“…a fantastic opportunity to learn just exactly what goes into making changes…”– Workshop Attendee

“…the best workshop I’ve ever attended…”– Workshop Attendee