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Speakers Bureau

Invite one of our veteran experts to be the perfect addition to your next event.

We have a speaker for you

Looking for a knowledgeable and passionate speaker for your next event?

The Center for Patient Safety’s (CPS) Speakers Bureau was formed as a resource for patient safety-related conferences, special training sessions, seminars, or meetings. Our veteran team is passionate and enjoys speaking to their expertise on topics like Patient Safety, Just Culture, Transparency, Disclosure, Healthcare Acquired Infections, Reimbursement, Health Care Reform, and more.

Whether local, regional or national, plan on a CPS expert representative to educate or talk to your attendees. Our experts speak across the country regularly and look forward to working with you in person.

To assist in sharing the importance of patient safety, Center representatives are happy to address the following topics in media interviews and speaking engagements.  

Check our staff list to find your next speaker.

Our Staff

Tell us about your event

Provide us with your contact information below, and in the message, indicate if you have a speaker preference, the topics that are of most interest, and any other helpful information about the event.

General Patient Safety Topics

  • National and State Level Patient Safety Issues and Initiatives
  • Patient Safety and Regulatory Compliance
  • Patient Safety and Health Policy
  • Utilization of Quality and Safety Data to Drive Improvement
  • The Importance of Collaboration to Improve Health Care Safety
  • Event Identification, Investigation and Reporting Disclosure of Medical Errors
  • Loss Prevention
  • Risk Program Design and Implementation
  • And more

Culture and Communication

  • Just Culture Training Managers Training and other information
  • A Culture of Safety Implementation, Integration and Sustainability
  • Patient Safety Surveying, Results, and Next Steps
  • The Basics of CUSP (Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program)
  • Tools to Build and Support a Patient Safety Culture
  • Root Cause Analysis – Process and Follow-up
  • And more

Patient Safety Organizations (PSOs)

  • The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act (PSQIA)
  • Patient Safety Organization (PSO) Development and Management
  • Establishing a Patient Safety Evaluation System
  • Defining Patient Safety Work Product
  • PSOs in the World of EMS
  • Policy Development and Implementation for PSO Participation
  • Legal Implications for PSO Participation
  • Security and Confidentiality Protections under the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act (PSQIA)
  • Disclosure, Transparency, and PSO Participation
  • PSO Participation and Claims Management
  • And more

Physician Related Topics

  • The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act: An Overview for Physicians
  • Patient Safety Organizations (PSOs): A Physician’s Perspective
  • Financial Impact of Preventable Errors and Complications in Medicine
  • Diagnostic Errors and Patient Safety
  • And more