Just Culture

Just Culture is the balance between human and system accountability, and it is a hot topic in patient safety in today’s medical industry.

Safety in the workplace is important, but how do we establish a culture that encourages open reporting of adverse events and risky situations, yet hold people and organizations accountable in a just manner?

The challenge lies in:
1. distinguishing between a system that might create risks;
2. human error which may result in a bad outcome;
3. and reckless behavior that intentionally puts lives or organizations at risk.

But, what IS Just Culture?  Visit Outcome Engenuity to learn more.

Hear a message from Outcome Engenuity’s founder, David Marx, with an industry-specific overview: Healthcare   EMS

CPS Supports Culture Improvement

The Center for Patient Safety (CPS) recognizes a “just” culture is an important and necessary program in every healthcare organization. Organizations with cultures that support open communication of errors while in a non-punitive environment (a “just” culture) are more likely to see high levels of improvement in patient safety.

CPS supports Outcome Engenuity’s model of Just Culture. We provide and support education and training for healthcare providers across the country.

Complete the form below to find out more about our Just Culture education and training or get a cost estimate for your organization.

Check for upcoming CPS-hosted webinars or training sessions on Just Culture.

CPS Administers Just Culture Training

Interested in finding out more about Just Culture – or are you ready to implement it at your organization? Contact CPS to find out more, or schedule training and determine a plan that will work best for your organization.

  • Introduction to Just Culture: Would you and/or your staff like an introductory presentation of Just Culture? This is delivered in a webinar format lasting about one hour.
  • Just Culture Manager Training: This day-long class provides the hands-on training, tools, and resources necessary to implement Just Culture within an organization.  One or more individuals from an organization can become the Champions for the program. Minimum class size is 20 people and can be taught to an entire organization or offered to several individuals from different organizations within a similar geographic location.  This class is scheduled based on demand.
  • Just Culture ReEducate: Are you looking for a condensed program to invigorate a previous implementation?  This is done at your location and can be customized to fit your needs.

CPS administers training for:

  • health systems
  • hospitals
  • ambulance services (EMS)
  • long term care
  • home health & hospice
  • medical offices/physician groups
  • pharmacies


Complete the form below to find out more about our Just Culture education and training or get a cost estimate for your organization.

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