Eunice Halverson, MA, CPPS

eh-hEunice Halverson, MA, CPPS

Eunice Halverson maintains a passion for improving patient safety.  As such, in her role as Patient Safety Specialist for the Center, she enthusiastically assists organizations to improve their patient safety culture and processes.  She also leads the Center’s Patient Safety Organization program by providing participants with education, data analysis, and sharing trends and practices to improve patient safety across the continuum of health care. She brings 35 years of leadership and hands-on experience working for a large health care system, focusing on patient safety, quality, risk management, performance improvement and regulatory and accreditation compliance.  The last 11 years of her full-time career were spent as Corporate Vice President for Patient Safety and Quality.  As a member of the first healthcare Baldrige recipient, she presented at numerous national, state and local conferences and meetings.

Available topics:

  • Developing an Effective  Safety Program
  • The Role of Leaders in Patient Safety
  • Patient Safety Journey:  Implementing the Changes
  • Improving Patient Safety Culture
  • Safety Culture and Patient Engagement: Hand in Hand
  • Patient Safety Measurement and Improvement
  • System Design and High Reliability
  • Patient Safety Organizations (PSOs) – Value of Participation and Learnings
  • Successful Implementation of a PSO
  • Establishing and Managing a Patient Evaluation System

Eunice holds a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Management Services from Webster University and is a TeamSTEPPS Master Trainer. She served as a Malcolm Baldrige examiner for five years and was a member/chair of the Overseer Board for the Midwest Excellence Institute from 2001 – 2017.  Known for her long-standing leadership in patient safety and quality initiatives, she was the recipient of the Missouri Hospital Association’s Quality Professional Award in 2008 and the Missouri Governor’s Award for Quality by the Excellence in Missouri Foundation in 2009.


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