Culture Assessment Feedback Report Request

Are you drowning in safety culture data? The qualified CPS team of experts recognizes the unique needs of each organization and have the culture improvement experience to help you develop your program’s potential. Send us your data, we’ll provide a customized 20+ page feedback report within 5 business days of your data submission. The feedback report will be specific to your organization’s results. You’ll also receive one to two consultative calls from a CPS patient safety expert that will help you interpret your results and start your action plan.

Here are samples of the what your feedback reports look like:sops6
Sample Hospital CPS Feedback Report
Sample Nursing Home CPS Feedback Report
Sample Home Care CPS Feedback Report
Sample Medical Office CPS Feedback Report

While many culture assessments exist, the Center specifically supports the validated Survey on Patient Safety™ tools from Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ):

To Get Started

  1. Prepare your data file if it is not already in the required format above
  2. Complete a short online form
    • Upload your data file
    • Submit electronic payment via PayPal
  3. Watch for your custom feedback report to arrive in your Inbox
  4. Work with CPS to schedule your follow-up consultation

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