Benefits of a Patient Safety Organization (PSO)

Thinking of joining a Patient Safety Organization (PSO)?

suburban-ems-11303d49d3b83d8eIs the Center for Patient Safety’s (CPS) PSO right for you?

Going through the steps to join a PSO can be confusing, time consuming, and financially restrictive.

We can reduce the confusion by helping you understand the benefits of PSOs. Please contact us to discuss the benefits of PSO participation for your organization. We’re happy to answer your questions.

We can minimize your time commitment to join our PSO. We’ve developed an onboarding program that we will customize to fit your organization’s needs. Our expert team members will walk you through every step. You’ll have direct, ongoing communication with our Patient Safety Expert and all the tools you need to implement quickly and efficiently. The sooner you join, the sooner you can begin receiving the benefits of participation!

We make participation with our PSO affordable to encourage participation. CPS has been a federally-designated Patient Safety Organization (PSO) since 2009, and we’ve been working to improve patient safety since we opened our doors in 2005. We are one of the largest and most active PSOs in the country with an enhanced focus on patient safety. We make participation affordable to encourage participation.

We’re here to help you improve patient safety at your organization. We want you to be successful!

We work with thousands of providers across the country, and across the continuum of care, every day and we have the experience and knowledge to help you set up everything you need to become an active member in our PSO. See who we work with!


CPS works across the continuum of care

CPS works with providers across the care continuum, creating a broad-spectrum of learning from our deep-rooted, provider-specific programs.

You can be certain that we have a team member with expertise in your area. Our dedicated team of patient safety experts are here to make the process easy.


How to find out more about your participation with a PSO

  1. Contact us. Simple complete the form at the bottom of this page and one of our patient safety experts will contact you. We might want to set up a short call to learn more about your organization.
  2. Proposal. If we both agree that your organization is a good match for the CPS PSO, we’ll provide a proposal for services that outlines our fee structure and service commitment to you.

How to join the CPS PSO

Once the decision is made to join, we’ll walk you through the implementation process. Implementation can take anywhere from a few days to several months:

  1. Contract. You’ll need an agreement with CPS for PSO services. Our staff will assist you with understanding the contract and our services.
  2. Policies. Developing policies that support your work with the PSO is critical. We have templates and staff to assist you.
  3. Share. Once your policies are complete, you’ll be ready to share and learn!

What does it cost to participate with the CPS PSO?

CPS is a not-for-profit organization, dedicated to improving patient safety. Our annual charge is minimal and is structured to accommodate both small and large services. As a PSO participant, you receive additional discounts and offers on our culture services, including the safety culture assessment and culture training programs.

What do you get from CPS?

sliptile_01Once your agreement is executed, you’ll immediately have access to the following CPS PSO benefits and services:

  • Federal legal and confidentiality protections for designated quality and safety improvement more expansive than attorney-client privilege or peer review protections
  • Educational opportunities to maximize the benefit of working with a PSO
  • Patient safety education opportunities to increase awareness of best practices and improvement opportunities via webinars, newsletters, safety alerts and watches, huddles, etc.
  • One-on-one guidance setting up your Patient Safety Evaluation System (PSES)
  • Guidance on developing your organization’s policies for working with the PSO
  • Integration of PSO and patient safety activities with a network of providers across the continuum of care, including hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, home health and hospice, ambulance services and nursing homes:
    • A secure, confidential data entry platform specific to EMS for entry, analysis, and reporting of adverse events, near misses and unsafe conditions
    • Secure collaboration and communication between the CPS and PSO participants
  • Optional electronic upload of data from internal event reporting systems
  • One-on-one consultation from experts in patient safety for PSO reporting and other patient safety topics
  • Access to national patient safety sharing and networking opportunities
  • Resources to help you assess your agency’s culture of safety and identify ways to improve it (Just Culture, Safety Culture Survey, etc.)
  • Option to submit de-identified data to a national patient safety database for utilization in national quality and safety reports
  • Access to the CPS customized online data platform.
  • Access to CPS exclusive PSO resources
    • education and training
    • resources
    • PSO Toolkit with document and PowerPoint templates to assist with organizational PSO implementation
  • Annual PSO Participant Day for networking, sharing and learning among PSO participants
  • Receive up to 20% off CPS culture services
  • And more!

Complete the form below to find out more about our PSO services or get an estimate for your organization.

What our clients say

“I am new to the PSO, and was given the opportunity to ask questions. The objectives of the PSO were also explained in depth to me. I was able to be walked through the computer program. The assistance with everything was much appreciated.” – Stephanie Wahoski, Warren County Ambulance District

“Our work with the CPS PSO has far exceeded our expectations…The CPS PSO provided much needed assistance in creating our work processes” – Vereline Johnson, Saint Francis Medical Center

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The Center for Patient Safety believes that collaboration and sharing are the best ways to drive improvement. We strive to provide the right solutions and resources to improve healthcare safety and quality.