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Are you a supervisor or manager in EMS? Do you think there is a better way to evaluate “the bad things that happen” rather than just blaming your crew member?

The Center for Patient Safety (CPS) and the Missouri Ambulance Association (MAA) have partnered to bring federal confidentiality and privilege protection to quality and patient safety data to Missouri’s emergency medical service ambulance districts, fire-based services, hospital based services, and first-response providers through the CPS Patient Safety Organization (PSO).

Spearheaded by the MAA, and now led by the CPS EMS PSO Advisory Group, this project will bring together a broad base of EMS providers and agencies across the state to work collaboratively to reduce the frequency of serious events and to improve the quality of EMS patient care.

Funded by the Missouri Foundation for Health, our aim is to have at least 50% of Missouri’s ambulance services reporting adverse events and quality indicators to the PSO by September of 2012.

What Does This Mean for You?

  • A safe haven of federal confidentiality and privilege protection for the data that you send to the PSO.
  • A Web-based system for easy reporting, management, and submission of quality indicators and serious events.
  • Individual agency performance benchmarking against state comparatives
  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing opportunities among EMS providers within Missouri and across the nation, where discussion can take place under legal protection of the PSO.

PSO Participation: What Will My Agency, Service, or Organization Gain?

The Missouri Ambulance Association and many other EMS agencies have been working for years to establish a legally protected, peer review program in Missouri without success.
Working with a federally-listed Patient Safety Organization is now making this possible by
giving EMS agencies the ability to:

  • Collect data on adverse events without fear of discovery or subpoena
  • Perform analyses of those events, looking for patterns, similarities, etc.
  • Comparing data from their local agency to those of others across the state
  • Collecting data on EMS quality indicators in a central repository leading to improvements in response times, greater efficiency, and improvements in patient outcomes

The Center for Patient Safety PSO offers a comprehensive set of standard services, including help to:

  • Establish processes to maximize federal legal protection
  • Guidance on agency policies and procedures for submitting data to the PSO
  • Learn how to navigate and enter data in the system
  • Receive organization-specific reports

Participating EMS Agencies

The following 16 services are the initial pilot sites who are committed to moving this project forward:

  • Adair County Ambulance District
  • Andrew County Ambulance District
  • Boone Hospital Center Ambulance
  • Cape County Private Ambulance
  • Central Jackson County Fire Protection District
  • Chariton County Ambulance District
  • Christian Hospital EMS
  • CoxHealth EMS
  • Excelsior Springs Fire Protection District
  • Hermann Area EMS
  • Kansas City EMS/KCFD
  • Missouri Baptist – Sullivan Ambulance
  • St. Charles County Ambulance District
  • St. John’s EMS – Springfield
  • Taney County Ambulance District
  • Warsaw/Lincoln Ambulance District

National Attention: This project was featured on the cover of the November/December 2010 issue of Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare! Click here to read more!

EMS PSO Advisory Committee

The EMS PSO Advisory Committee is a dedicated group of EMS providers who have been devoting their time, knowledge, and expertise to this project. Click here to see who is involved.

EMS PSO Project Newsletter

To view the latest edition (September, 2010) of our newsletter, Click here

Just Culture in EMS — EMS Manager’s Training

Learn more about what it means to have a “Just Culture,” and how to implement this philosophy in your ambulance service by contacting Lee Varner at [email protected], or call our office at 888.935.8272.

The following 16 services are the initial pilot sites who are committed to moving this project forward:


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The Center for Patient Safety believes that collaboration and sharing are the best ways to drive improvement. We strive to provide the right solutions and resources to improve healthcare safety and quality.