CPS PSO Participation

What to expect after contracting with CPS

Once your agreement is executed, you’ll immediately have access to the following CPS PSO benefits and services:

  • Federal legal and confidentiality protections for designated quality and safety improvement more expansive than attorney-client privilege or peer review protections
  • Educational opportunities to maximize the benefit of working with a PSO
  • Patient safety education opportunities to increase awareness of best practices and improvement opportunities via webinars, newsletters, safety alerts and watches, huddles, etc
  • One-on-one guidance setting up your Patient Safety Evaluation System (PSES)
  • Guidance on developing your organization’s policies for working with the PSO
  • Integration of PSO and patient safety activities with a network of providers across the continuum of care, including hospitals, EMS, ASCs, medical offices, LTC, home health and hospice, and pharmacies
  • A secure, confidential data entry platform for entry, analysis, and reporting of adverse events, near misses and unsafe conditions
  • Secure collaboration and communication between the CPS and PSO participants
  • Electronic upload of data from internal event reporting systems
  • One-on-one consultation from experts in patient safety for PSO reporting and other patient safety topics
  • Access to national patient safety sharing and networking opportunities
  • Resources to help you assess your organization’s culture of safety and identify ways to improve (Just Culture, Safety Culture Surveying, etc.)
  • Option to submit de-identified data to a national patient safety database for utilization in national quality and safety reports
  • Access to the CPS customized online data platform, includes frontline entry option (supported by Verge Health)
  • Access to CPS exclusive PSO Toolkit containing templates and PowerPoint templates to assist in PSO implementation

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“Our work with the CPS PSO has far exceeded our expectations…The CPS PSO provided much needed assistance in creating our work processes”






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