PSO Data Submission Information

The Center for Patient Safety’s PSO Database is powered by VergeSolutions.

Enter an Event
Login to VergeSolutions to enter an event or review the events you’ve submitted. You can reset your password from the login screen if necessary.

Update Departments
To add, remove, or change department lists, download the Department Spreadsheet (Excel) and follow the instructions provided.

User Updates
To add, remove, or change user access privileges, download the CPS User Change Form and follow the instructions provided.

User’s Guide
To get step-by-step guidance on entering events or reviewing your PSO data, download the PSO Database User’s Guide

Instructional Videos
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  • How to Enter an Event – watch now!  (3:12)
  • How to Review/Edit an Event – coming soon!
  • How to Submit an Event – coming soon!
  • How to Set-up and Run Reports – watch now!

Options to Submit Events

Remember, sharing promotes learning!  It’s important to regularly submit event information to CPS to demonstrate your commitment to participation in the PSO.  Legal protection is one of the benefits provided to you, but continued submission of your events, near misses, and unsafe conditions are a vital element to claiming the protections under the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act.

Electronic submission is available to reduce the administrative burden of manually entering events into the PSO platform (powered by VergeSolutions).  Several options exist to make data submission easy.  Find the most convenient and cost-effective method for your organization:

  • Manual (free) – it is free to manually enter events into the VergeSolutions PSO platform.  Additionally, if you use VergeSolutions for your event reporting system, submission to the CPS PSO is easy to set up and there is no charge.
  • Electronic Submission via XML (free) – if your event reporting system can export an XML file using AHRQ common formats, let us know, we can help you electronically move the file into Verge. Download the XML required file format to get started.
    • Implementation Guide: The Implementation Guide provides specifications for the required CDA XML file format to transmit Common Formats Patient Safety Report data.
    • Resource Workbook: The Resources Workbook provides a complete mapping of OIDs, templates, data elements, answer values, and validation rules used in creation of the CDA XML file.
    • More Information: Find more information about data submission specifications from AHRQ at the PSOPPC website.
  • Electronic Submission via CSV (contact CPS for pricing) – if your event reporting system can export to a CSV or XLS file, we can help you electronically move the file into Verge using CPS-approved mapping software.  There is a small fee to use the mapping software, but it can save you valuable time.

Interested in moving forward with electronic mapping?  Contact Eunice Halverson to discuss options and get started!


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