Streamline Your Patient Safety Culture Survey!

Do you Want to Streamline your Patient Safety Culture Survey?

Using AHRQ’s standardized test questions and format, the Missouri Center for Patient Safety has developed a convenient, online environment for your staff to anonymously take the survey on a computer at work, at home, or in the local coffee shop – anywhere they feel comfortable providing honest feedback about your safety culture.


MOCPS Hosts Table at Health Literacy Missouri – Sorrel King reinforces our mission

The MOCPS was pleased to host a table at the October 5th Health Literacy Missouri awards luncheon.   Keynote, Sorrel King, is always a pleasure to hear, although the story of her 18 month old daughter, Josie’s, death from failures in the health care system is heart wrenching.   (more…)

MOCPS Speakers Bureau Unveiled!

Announcing the Missouri Center for Patient Safety’s Health Care Speakers Bureau!

The MOCPS Patient Safety Speakers Bureau was formed as a resource for patient safety related conferences, seminars or meetings sponsored or hosted by your agency, association or organization.   Our veteran speakers offer their expertise on Patient Safety, Just Culture, Transparency, Disclosure, Healthcare Acquired Infections, Reimbursement, Health Care Reform and more.

MOCPS Encourages National Falls Awareness Day Participation

Falls are the leading cause of injury deaths among elderly.   We can help our older family   members and friends by assessing their risk for a fall and taking action to change their environment and reduce those risks.   It is also very important to be certain health care providers are aware when our loved ones are at risk of falling or if they have fallen before so that appropriate precautions are put in place, especially if they are in the hospital.

Friday, September 23rd is nationwide Falls Awareness Day, and the Missouri Center for Patient Safety would like to encourage everyone to consider the falling risk our loved ones may face, participate in your local Falls Awareness Day activities, and take action.   You can visit the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services website for a listing of Falls Day activities in your area, and find numerous resources to identify and reduce the risk of falling in your elderly.

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CPS Article Published in Missouri Board of Nursing Newsletter

The MOCPS Press Release, 13 Missouri Hospitals Target Increased Patient Safety with the Missouri Center for Patient Safety’s CUSP Teamwork & Communications project was recently, featured in the Aug. – Oct., 2011, edition of the Missouri Board of Nursing newsletter, which goes to all nurses licensed in Missouri!   Thanks very much to the Board


Missouri Center for Patient Safety Announces New Board of Directors Member, Brent VanConia

Hospital chief executive joins MOCPS in support of its work to improve the safety of health care delivery.

Jefferson City, MO. – September 6, 2011 — The Missouri Center for Patient Safety, MOCPS, an independent, nonprofit located in Jefferson City, announced Brent VanConia is a new member of its board of directors.

VanConia is president of St. Mary’s Health Center, in Jefferson City, Missouri, and replaces Joseph Crossett, who recently retired from Liberty Hospital in Liberty, Missouri, as a representative of the Missouri Hospital Association on the MOCPS Board. (more…)

MOCPS Participating in Missouri EMS Conference and Expo!

The EMS PSO Project continues to expand! MOCPS is co-presenting a session at the Missouri EMS Conference and Expo on July 28th in Branson, Missouri, with Jason White of the Missouri Ambulance Association.   This presentation will focus on the history of the Missouri EMS PSO Project, where we are today, and where we hope to see it five years from now!

13 Missouri Hospitals Target Increased Patient Safety with the Missouri Center for Patient Safety’s CUSP Teamwork & Communications Tools

Effective new strategies rally hospital unit team members to improve patient care and safety with a new level of practical collaboration citing “What you permit, you promote.”

Jefferson City, Missouri – July 21, 2011 — As part of the Missouri Center for Patient Safety’s initiative, People, Priorities & Learning Together, 13 Missouri hospitals have joined CUSP Teamwork & Communication Tools, launched in June, 2011, to increase patient safety and eliminate medical errors by improving communication and coordination of care at the bedside.


Patients and Caregivers are Victims of Medical Error

Kimberly Hiatt, a nurse involved in a medical error that resulted in the death of an 8 month old, committed suicide.   This important story highlights the many victims of medical error, the importance of a just culture, and the need for resources to help the second victim.

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27 Missouri Hospitals Aim for 25% Reduction in Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections by 2012

Hospital Acquired Infection, HAI, meets aggressive new national and statewide program to lower risk, save lives and reduce cost.

Jefferson City, Missouri – July 7, 2011 – Twenty-five percent of hospital inpatients have an indwelling urinary catheter at some point during their hospitalization.   Each day, these patients have an estimated 5% risk of developing a catheter-associated urinary tract infection, or CAUTI.   This risk is multiplied each day the catheter remains in use.     CAUTI is the most common type of hospital-acquired infection, HAI, in U.S. hospitals equaling 40% of all HAIs.



PSO Case Law: Ungurian v. Beyzman, et al., 2020 PA Super 105:

A recent Pennsylvania case shows how courts narrowly interpret the PSQIA, ignoring the D & A pathway and the clear language of the Final Rule. (Ungurian v. Beyzman, et al., 2020 PA Super 105). The cour

Joint Commission New Sentinel Event Alert 61: Managing the Risks of Direct Oral Anticoagulants:

The Center for Patient Safety wants to share this important harm-prevention advice from The Joint Commission and its Sentinel Event Alert: Managing the Risks of Direct Oral Anticoagulants. The Joint Commis

CPS Safety Watch/Alert – Culture Can Improve the Control of Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms:

Issue: A number of events reported co CPS’ Patient Safety Organization (PSO) demonstrate poor handoff communication about the patients’ infectious disease status Examples include: Patient with

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The Center for Patient Safety believes that collaboration and sharing are the best ways to drive improvement. We strive to provide the right solutions and resources to improve healthcare safety and quality.