Patient Safety Awareness Week

To support the importance of patient safety throughout healthcare, the Center for Patient Safety supports an annual Patient Safety Awareness Week, encouraging providers and consumers to obtain information about patient safety issues. Below are highlights of Patient Safety Awareness Week activities.

2015 (March 8-14) Patient Safety Awareness Week
2014 (March 2-8) Patient Safety Awareness Week
2013 Patient Safety Awareness Month
2012 Patient Safety Awareness Month
2011 Patient Safety Awareness Month
2010 Patient Safety Awareness Month
2009 Patient Safety Awareness Month
2008 Patient Safety Awareness Month

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Press Materials:

2007 Patient Safety Awareness Month

"Patient Safety: Achieving Success in Missouri" - 1st Annual Patient Safety Conference


2006 Patient Safety Awareness Month




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The Second Victim Experience – Train-the-Trainer Workshop:

Most health care providers adjust well to the multitude of demands encountered during an unexpected or traumatic clinical event. Providers often have strong emotional defenses that carry them through and l

PSO Alert: Fall Risk:

The Center for Patient Safety issues this alert regarding falls based on our data analysis. Falls are a difficult and long-standing challenge for providers. While the majority of events report no harm, fal

Are Critical Thinking Skills becoming Extinct?:

As an RN for nearly 30 years, I’ve seen many changes in the healthcare arena since I started as a Student Nurse Assistant in 1986. I recently had a discussion with other healthcare providers regarding th

It’s time for healthcare organizations to partner up with a Patient Safety Organization. Are you ready?:

It’s time for healthcare organizations to partner up with a Patient Safety Organization. Are you ready? Hospitals have an approaching deadline to sign up with a Patient Safety Organization (PSO) for

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The Center for Patient Safety believes that collaboration and sharing are the best ways to drive improvement. We strive to provide the right solutions and resources to improve healthcare safety and quality.