Patient Safety Bootcamp

The Center’s customizable patient safety bootcamps offer a unique way to inspire, organize, and focus patient safety efforts. While each event is unique, a common workshop element exists that is intended to assist in the development, or reassessment of, an organization’s patient safety plan. The event is tailored to fit the regional and common needs of each hosting organization. Some events are open to the public and others are privately available to select organizational groups. We encourage you to find an event near you, or consider hosting your own.

The Center’s expert trainers are certified in patient safety and dedicated to providing an engaging, challenging, and motivating day with action-oriented goals. Each attending individual will leave with specific next steps for their organization.

“…challenges all to improve patient safety…” – Bootcamp Attendee

“…an eye opening class…”– Bootcamp Attendee

“…thought- and discussion-provoking…” – Bootcamp Attendee

“…raised good thoughts and refreshed ideas…” – Bootcamp Attendee

“…a fantastic opportunity to learn just exactly what goes into making changes…” – Bootcamp Attendee

“…the best workshop I’ve ever attended…” – Bootcamp Attendee


The Center recognizes the unique environment that exists for our EMS providers. The Patient Safety Bootcamp is geared directly to the EMS industry with specific and relatable examples and experiences.


The format and training of the Patient Safety Forum are similar to the Patient Safety Bootcamp for EMS, but the Forum is intended for any and all provider groups, with many open to disciplines from across the care continuum. Check out more details on the Patient Safety Forums.


The CPS Patient Safety Bootcamp for EMS is a one of kind workshop that educates attendees on patient safety foundations and theories. Instructors will assist attendees in reassessing their patient safety program, culminating with clarification of next steps.

  • hands-on
  • 8-hour workshop
  • taught by two patient safety certified experts


Designed for early adopters and innovators who take safety seriously. The Patient Safety Bootcamp is a must for EMS leaders, educators and others who have a passion for safety.


  • The Importance of Patient Safety Culture
  • The Buck Stops Here – Leadership’s Role in Patient Safety
  • We’re Only Human – Mistakes and Near Miss Events
  • Gotta’ Make it Better – Improving Patient Safety
  • I Still Have to Measure? Ugh! – Measurement in Patient Safety
  • Learning from Aviation – Strive for High Reliability
  • You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know – Where are Your Patient Safety Risks?
  • Putting it All Together – Safety Journey Next Steps
  • Let’s Get Going – Sharing Learnings


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The Center for Patient Safety believes that collaboration and sharing are the best ways to drive improvement. We strive to provide the right solutions and resources to improve healthcare safety and quality.