Whether on land or in the air, being part of an EMS team is
not about the adrenaline. It's about being part of team that
is committed to helping others. We get it, like you, we are
committed to helping others in need. Anytime. Anywhere.



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The Center for Patient Safety offers federal protections and confidentiality privileges to healthcare providers that work with us to collect information on adverse events. Under federal legislation, we offer protection and confidentiality to healthcare providers that work with us, allowing for open reporting and sharing that leads to prevention.


The Center for Patient Safety has leading patient safety experts that monitor industry trends and patient safety topics, and our analysts review events submitted to the PSO for the most up-to-date lessons learned in healthcare. Best practices are quickly distributed to healthcare providers via email, blog, social media, safety watches and alerts.


Preventing adverse events to the greatest extent possible can only occur when a safety culture exists and supports the discussion of events and the implementation of best practices. The Center for Patient Safety supports the creation and maintenance of a safety culture and offers services to measure and improve healthcare culture.


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