Safety Culture Linked to Error Rate, AHRQ Safety Primer

Poorly perceived safety culture has been linked to increased error rates, according to a “Safety Culture” patient safety primer available on AHRQ’s Patient Safety Network (PSNet). The primer identifies key features of organizations committed to a culture of safety, outlines specific measures and introduces a strategy to improve safety culture. One important strategy is performing a Survey on Patient Safety Culture (SOPS) to learn staff perceptions of the safety culture. Learn more about the Center for Patient Safety Culture Survey services that can help you get the most value out of your survey process!


Pill Organizers:  A Yellow Flag for Caution:

McKnight’s Senior Living magazine shared some counter-intuitive but important research recently.  The article is available here. The researchers found that individuals had more adverse events from medic

Focusing on Both Deaths and Harm from Medical Errors:

Focusing on Both Deaths and Harm from Medical Errors In his latest post to the “Line of Sight” blog, IHI President and CEO, Derek Feeley, reflects on the controversy and criticism surrounding a recent

Cultural Transformation:

A study completed at The Ohio State University, and published in the American Journal of Medical Quality, shows a patient safety cultural transformation after implementation of Crew Resource Management. 

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