Basics of CUSP

Module 1: The Basics of CUSP

Materials for Coaching Call 1

Materials for Coaching Call 2

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BY ALEX CHRISTGEN, BS, CPPS Center for Patient Safety The article follows the 1999 IOM report which made the first attempt to determine preventable harm in healthcare. The IOM report estimated a staggering

The Second Victim Experience – Train-the-Trainer Workshop:

Most health care providers adjust well to the multitude of demands encountered during an unexpected or traumatic clinical event. Providers often have strong emotional defenses that carry them through and l

Center for Patient Safety Appoints New Executive Director:

NEWS RELEASE For Release: July 29, 2016 For more information, please contact Revee White at 573-817-8300 ext 187. Center for Patient Safety appoints new executive director JEFFERSON CITY – The Center for

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