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We know how busy you are and we know how important safety is to you… so we’ve made it easier to conduct the AHRQ Survey on Patient Safety Culture at your facility.

Since its creation in 2005, the  Center for Patient Safety has worked closely with facilities and individuals across the healthcare spectrum to promote and organize the distribution of best practices, develop sharing systems, and coordinate improvements that facilitate the safe care of patients throughout the nation.

From our own experience working closely with many of you, we know just how busy you are! And we also know that safety is a top priority to you and your organization. Our efforts in this offering are simple – to make this important process easier for you.

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The Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture is an invaluable diagnostic tool that allows you to look beyond the physical impression of your facility’s culture. AHRQ’s in-depth study of question formatting, wording, and categorizing has resulted in a highly reliable resource that can provide a detailed analysis of your patient safety culture. The results will provide supporting evidence of positive cultural improvements and locate areas of cultural weaknesses.

The Center for Patient Safety fully supports this diagnostic mechanism and now we offer a plan for you to conduct the survey at your facility with minimal strain on your already limited resources.


We provide you with the capability to conduct the AHRQ Hospital Survey on Patient Safety for your entire hospital, or just for individual units/departments. The survey is provided in an online format, allowing your staff to take the survey in an anonymous, convenient, online environment. No more paper, no more data entry, no more hand tabulations!

At the conclusion of the survey period, comprehensive reports will show your areas of improvement or decline, compare your results to national benchmarks, and give you suggestions for next steps and action plans.  Simple.


The Center for Patient Safety is committed to fostering change throughout the healthcare delivery system.  Working in collaboration with healthcare providers, physicians, purchasers, consumers and government, the Center provides solutions and resources that span the continuum of care.

The Center offers culture surveying for Hospitals, Medical Offices, Pharmacies, Long-term Care, and Home Care as a diagnostic tool to support effective and efficient organizational change to improve patient safety.


Before The Survey Begins

The Center will:

a)  work with a designated individual in your organization to determine the most appropriate means for survey deployment (online or paper, or a blend of the two mediums)

i)  For online surveys, the Center will provide a link, customized specifically to your organization.

ii)  For paper surveys, the Center will upload the information into an electronic database.

b)  provide a survey guidebook and toolkit with suggestions, resources, and tips for a successful survey

c)  help you create a realistic timeline of survey events

d)  provide standard and customizable promotion materials to help you achieve maximum survey return rates

e)  provide forms for any necessary information to be collected (department names, sample sizes, etc)

f)  collect and upload previous survey data (if applicable) to provide historical trend information on final response reports

During the Survey

The Center will:

a)  provide a custom link to access real-time response numbers

b)  email weekly response rate reports for individual departments and overall organization to help you track milestones to your goal

Post-Survey Reports and Support

The Center will:

a)  provide detailed customized survey result reports via email within thirty days of the survey close date with identified patient safety strengths and weaknesses.  The expeditious turnaround is to promote prompt follow-up action.

b)  electronically submit your data to AHRQ’s compare database (optional)

c)  provide professional assistance related to the interpretation and analysis of the results and assist you with your organization’s action plans

d)  provide additional consultation and on-site assistance on an as-needed basis



This project requires minimal involvement by you and your personnel. Ultimate success is dependent upon the return of completed surveys – a higher response rate will more accurately reflect the organization’s culture.  It will be the organization’s responsibility to:

  • provide a single designated contact person to work with Center staff
  • promote the survey internally with a strong intent to achieve the highest response rate possible

In order to provide the organization with response rate updates, the Center may require the following before the survey begins:

  • a list of all units participating in the survey and the number of employees (the sample size) for each unit

In order to provide the organization with the most valuable response reports, the organization may provide:

  • prior survey information, if available, to be included in the reports for historical trending


  • The Center for Patient Safety began in 2005.  We have worked with hundreds of healthcare organizations across the country to improve patient safety throughout the continuum of care.  Today, patient safety remains the foundation of our work – patient safety is all we do.
  • We work closely with organizations to ensure the survey is successful and results provide input to actionable change.  Your achievements are important to us.
  • Using an outside, third-party organization, such as the Center, provides a neutral environment and allows your employees to respond openly and honestly without fear of retribution.
  • Utilizing an online survey format with mobile capabilities, staff can take the survey at their convenience utilizing a variety of devices including, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Response reports are provided quickly to allow your organization to begin implementing small changes immediately and form action planning teams for larger changes.
  • Every response report includes demographic details, top priorities, greatest strengths, question and dimension details, and next step resources and tools.
  • Department level reports are provided to detail the co-cultures that exist within every organization.
  • Built in flexibility allows the survey start and close dates to be quickly modified, custom questions can be added, and modified thank you pages can assist in prize drawings without sacrificing staff anonymity.
  • We will monitor and review each incoming survey to ensure the integrity of the data.
  • We offer paper survey upload services.  Just fax, email, or mail your hard copies to us and we will provide the same high level of data review and customized reports.


Find more questions on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Q:  If I use the Center to conduct my facility’s survey, will my results still go to AHRQ?

A: YES! With a signed release, we will upload your survey results directly to AHRQ in the appropriate format and provide you with an electronic copy.

Q:  Can the Center conduct the culture survey for our hospital even if we have not participated with the Center in any other projects?

A: YES! We work with healthcare providers across the continuum of care, in states across the nation, on all types of safety projects, including culture assessment.

Q:  If I haven’t used the Center for the culture survey before, can I still get trend information?

A:  YES!  Simply send an electronic version of the data from your previous survey in any available format and we will prepare customized reports that include your trending results from survey to survey as well as compare your results to national benchmarks.

Q:  What if I have staff that prefer a paper survey, or that don’t have access to a computer to take the survey online?

A:  The Center can process hard-copy surveys for you.

Q:  I have a limited budget. Is the Center’s pricing reasonable?

A:  YES! We intentionally made the pricing affordable for everyone to encourage participation and promote this valuable assessment tool. Additional discounts are available for the Center’ s PSO Participants.

Q: I am limited on time and staffing resources. How much time is required for me to implement the survey at my facility?

A: We’ve developed a plan that requires minimal resources on your part. We have a few criteria, but in total, only about one hour of pre- and post-survey administrative time is expected.  We provide you with customizable email templates, posters, reminders, and more.  Once the survey period is over, we provide you with detailed reports and next steps.

It’s that easy.

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Events on July 18, 2016

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Location: JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa, Resort Parkway, San Antonio, TX