Illinois surveyors are finding lapses at same day surgery centers throughout the state as they, along with other states, continue to crack down on infection control practices in ambulatory settings in response to a 2008 Hepatitis C outbreak in Las Vegas believed to be caused by unsafe clinic practices. Read more

August 12, 2011 - 2:41 pm

Almost 8,000 total sentinel events have been reported to TJC since 1995.  The majority of reports were submitted by hospitals (64%), 62% of the total reports resulted in patient death, and the most prevalent types of events reported through this voluntary reporting system are wrong-patient, wrong-site, or wrong-procedure, and unintended retention of a foreign body.

August 12, 2011 - 2:31 pm

Congratulations to Sue Scott of University of Missouri HealthCare for being selected to attend the Institute of Nursing Science Summer School course, titled, “Applied Patient Safety: Real Data, Real Tools, Real Solutions,” in Basel, Switzerland. This summer school provides comprehensive patient safety and quality improvement concepts and methods. The training prepares doctoral students and postdoctoral

CMS has released a new online tool to empower consumers to make informed choices about their health care. The Quality Care Finder links consumers with all of Medicare’s compare tools in one convenient location ( Also released is a revised Hospital Compare website with additional data related to outpatient surgical infections and heart attack care